Monday, January 3, 2011

An online MASH game that i wanted to try out

LOL!!! this is hilarious!!!
i feel like a kid again hahahahaha
if only these were nonfiction LOL

Behold... My Future
  I will marry ed.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in paris in our fabulous Apartment.  
  We will have 2 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a black vw beetle.
  I will spend my days as a software designer, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future

Mash Game: Predict Your Future at

random ranting at a post by a friend's friend

This post is for blog update purposes only LOL
this is not intended for discrimination against our current government or whatever, i just wanted to post something new on my blog :D

The subject/topic/post:

My comment:

In my opinion,

mistakes are made by human beings. now that this "mistake" has been put under the light, it has been corrected and consequences are put to motion.
i can sympathize with the victim, but it has already happened, so what more can we do for the victim?

also about justice.. the reason why we are in a democracy is so that we, the people, can put our trust on a council or a group of people to do the judging for us. if we, the ordinary citizens, did the judging, then our society will crumble. everyone will think highly of themselves, which will not be healthy for the country.

what good is a government if we, the people, do not trust it's system?

and about our government, let's look at it this way.. IF our tax money was put into good use, then the processing of evidence and investigation procedures would have been better. in my opinion, our current crime investigation facilities and personnel are not enough to satisfy me (as an avid fan of crime investigation series such as CSI and BONES, and etc), thus i STRONGLY BELIEVE that the PNP are NOT the only ones at fault.

oh and about Truth,
people can bend the truth like ordinary people can edit a picture by using photoshop.

so how are we to know that evidence are truly NEVER tampered with?

Friday, May 14, 2010

i'm not saying i'm back, but i just wanted to say something

my blog is empty and outdated. so here's an update.

my blog has no subject, it's only about random stuff that just comes out of mind, or something that interests me for a while. i've tried story telling, news, and others that just don't keep me hooked enough to come back and post something. so i thought, after exploring other blog sites, is that randomness and trying to be random does not work, not for me. so i should pick out a subject that i actually love talking about! but then again, i love almost everything that interests me.. so this is kind of hard..
so i thought why not for now, since movies are part of the things i love, i should talk about the most recent one i saw... well not the MOST recent, that's because last night, my cousin, his dad, his mom and i had a little movie watching marathon. well, it's not exactly a marathon, we just watched (again) the "Warriors of virtue" sequels. and what i really want to talk about is the movie i saw last monday, which was "Iron man 2"!

i know a lot of people have already said their piece about the film, but i want my own piece said.. also i've also heard a lot of critics say it was "disappointing".. but this is what i actually wanted to say......

Iron Man 2 is a stepping stone people!!!! it has given me HOPE! and it is not disappointing AT ALL!!!


a lot of fans might have already noticed the very obvious 'easter eggs' in the movie (like the one in 'the incredible hulk' with edward norton, when tony stark, aka 'iron man' came at the end of the film to have a 'little talk' with the general), and i can mention 2 of them:
1) captain america's shield and
2) thor's hammer

it's already been expected that there will be an avengers film in the future since all the marvel heroes have started having individual films, RE-introducing them to the present society!
and i know that you know that IT WILL BE BIG!!!!!!!!

image curtesy of

so enough said, it's out of the bag, and all is well.
i just hope that it won't take me another couple of months to update my blog.

the best of luck then,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Graduation Chills...

I'm FINALLY graduating..
just 3 more months and i'm free!
but just the thought gives me the chills....

"What am i gonna do?"
"How am i gonna reach my dream?"
"Will i make it?"
"Will my plans actually be followed or are they just gonna be blown with the wind?"
"What will happen to me?"

I've got more questions in my head.. and i'm scared..
i'm scared that i might not be able to get there, i might fail and fall..
i'm scared of what is to come..

but one thing i know..
the people who love me will give me the strength to overcome all the obstacles that God will throw at me.. i just hope that i myself won't falter.
and when i get there, i'll be able to answer all the questions in my head.

it is fast approaching.
i wish these chills would stop...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Short Story About A Girl Named 'Patience' (part 2)

and so her story continues...

Patience is back in her room, back to the world she knows so well, back to the 12:01 a minute past her birthday to the world known as reality.

"hmmm.." Patience told her puppy named Slow, "i wonder if im going to see Jeremy tomorrow... waddaya think Slow?" Slow wimpered and licked her nose. "i guess we'll just see about that. guh-night Slow" the Patience kissed Slow on the head.

then she rolled over to her side to see the stars outside her window, "goodnight jeremy..." she whispered to the endless see of stars. and she closed her eyes to sleep.

her dreams were filled with patience(the virtue) and Patience was everything patient! Patience rolled over her bed partially screaming at her birthday nightmare, a nightmare about waiting.

she woke up with beads of sweat and eyes full of tears. apparantly "waiting is... TERRIFYING!!" she shouted to the world.

(this is an update but an unfinished update... sorry guys for my)

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Short Story About A Girl Named 'Patience' (part 1)

Once upon a time, there was a girl who was known as Patience. She was anything but patient. She just turned 16 and sought to leave her childhood behind by living up to her name. As the clock struck 11:59pm the night before her birthday, all she could think about was... "it's almost time.. don't worry, it'll come. no need to rush.." she gritted her teeth as she pushed back all feelings of hurry, deep into the threshhold of her soul. Then she forgot about everything and as soon as the clock struck 12, all she could think about was..."Jeremy" and when the clock stopped chiming, then she realized, "Hey! wait a minute!? i missed my birthday!!!! NOOO im a minute too late!!!!!.... oh well, at least im not IM-Patience anymore HEHE."

And so her story continues.

The boy named Jeremy lived 14 blocks downhill, away from Patience' house, and the story of how they met was somewhat tragic. Patience was 15 years, 11 months, 30 days and 15 hours old when she met this dashing young 17 year, 5 month, 13 day and 2 hour old boy. Patience was running her chores, and the next on her daily list was to deliver a bundle of grain to the Willard's house, which was 12 blocks downhill from her house. She rode her trusty Rusty bike that had a basket on the handle, down the hill. She saw the 2-light traffic light, that was 8 blocks away, that showed green. To the right, she saw a truck coming slow on the road that would intresect with her's. "I can make it!" her impatience grew hot. "i have 15seconds to cross that intersection before that truck... i cant wait to finish this already... i hate waiting!" then she sped all the way down the hill with all the thigh power she had. "13...12.....10.......PEDAL FASTER!!!!" she told herself as she got nearer and nearer to the traffic light. "3....2..." then the light changed red and the truck was 24inches, with a velocity of 102MPH, from her as she sped past the intersection safely. " YESSS!!!" she shouted. With her speed she let the her feet free of the bike's pedals as her speed was too much for the bike's rusty breaks to control. she was speeding past the 9th, 10th, and 11th blocks but her speed did not waver. she was starting to worry when the past the 10th and now she could no longer control the bike, all she could do now was shout "OH SH*T!!!! " then she covered her mouth with both her hands the instant she said that FOUL, FORBIDDEN word. Her eyes widened as she realized that the bike was out of control when she let go of the handle and.. CRASH! Her bike went full stop when it hit a metal picket fence that threw her flying in the air. She landed on a bed of dried autumn leaves not far from the fence. She lost consciousness.

When she came-to, the first thing she saw was a blurred vision of a blond-haired angel who spoke with an unfamiliar but musical baritone voice, "Are you ok?". Her vision cleared and what she saw was not an angel but a handsome young man with a patrician nose and curly blond hair, that was NOT her type at all. She got up and dusted herself of the leaves. The boy said "i heard a scream and i ran out of my house when i saw you fly from my fence to this pile of leaves. Are you ok?" his eyes were emerald green and lips of cherry blossom and and height of about 6'4" and cheeks as high as Brad Pitt's. "I'm fine thanks.. I'm patience." she handed out her hand to him. His eyes widened as he took her hand "and im Jeremy" He smiled to her with pearly white teeth. all she did was show him a quick smile and ran to her bike. "I think you're hurt, you shouldn't ride your bike yet." he shouted as she broke her run with a false limp on her right because she realized ("This boy is quite handsome, and caring... i should make him mine.. even though he's not my type.") she smiled to herself as she heard him run to her side. "Where are you headed? i shall take you there." he declared with a mighty display of golden chest-hair. She faced him and said, "Up the hill, Good sir."she got to her bike and tried to ride it."Nonesense, call me Jeremy. don't ride the bike. I can see that you have a limp, so i shall carry you on my back." She raised her brow and thought ("this guy's such a player.. and this is going to make me wait, but what can i do? i'm a damsel in distress and my prince, whose not my type, has come to save me.") she chuckled at her thought. "alright, Jeremy. 2 blocks up the hill we go." and she hopped on his back, he held up the the bike and walked alongside it as it rolled while he dragged it and started up the hill with patience(the virtue) riding the trusty rusty bike alongside them.

TO BE CONTINUED.... dum dum dum dummmmmmmm